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Stodge Podge

One of the staple events in the digital and creative calendar, Stodge is the Podge of the North. An invite only event for like-minded individuals, it’s considered a privilege to be given the opportunity to design the event.

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The concept

For 2019, Stodge Podge is turning Western (or, Northern). We wanted to play on the north south divide, whilst nodding to the industry’s ego.

Our idea was to make the run up look as clean as a movie trailer, and the event itself as false at the movie’s set.

From the idea, to the stage

Bringing the event to life with an impactful modern twist for digital and print application. Our art direction was about creating a filmset of moments – through body language, expressions and quotations.

It was important that the visuals spoke for themselves, and that the tone of voice retained humour.

The result

The event comes to life with the vibrant red and contrasting black, whilst bold typographic elements are used across application for impact.

We broke the traditional look and feel of old westerns’ and gave Stodge its own niche; creating numerous textures, patterns and illustrations to support the creative.