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Princeton Check

Engaged right at the birth of the concept, not even a name existed for the new idea that is set to change the rental world we know for good. The Princeton Check sets out to solve a problem, before it exists.

The Aim

First, we needed a name. We worked with the client to understand what would mean something to them whilst developing a deeper understanding of their target market in order to establish the right level of authority.

It became clear that the brand needed to communicate with a younger audience whilst boasting a mature, intelligent feel.


Introducing movement and illustration to the brand, through the use of animation, became a key move to forming the creative foundations for the website that would follow.

A new idea called for a new experience. Keeping therefore worked with the Princeton Check through a series of workshops to surface the right solution.

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The Solution

The Princeton Check brand and website, accompanied by a diverse mix of illustrated assets, position the new proposition strongly in a mature market – ready to disrupt the competition and show that legislation shouldn’t negatively impact the general public when such a simple solution can be put in place.