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Princeton Check

Princeton Check’s unique solution for the rental industry required a multi-purpose video that clearly communicates the value it will offer its users, and how investors can get involved.

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The Aim

An early goal was to create a video that could be used to deliver three different messages: The Problem, The Solution, and Get Involved. We also wanted the video to boast the uniquely identifiable illustration style created when producing the brand and platform.


Undergoing some initial storyboarding and market research enabled us to have deep conversations with Princeton Check in order to establish key deliverables that would ensure the success of the project. Full exploration of the scenes and relevant illustrations were taken, and a detailed flow of the video was produced.

The Solution

The final result was a full production video, involving scenes that mixed both the real world and the illustrated world of Princeton Check; to bridge a service that is still in its infancy into a place of maturity, and fully articulate the benefits of the platform to both potential users and investors alike.